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Visions of A Dream by Justine J. Hemmestad
4* review by Nicole @ emerald book reviews
Living in Ireland it is only expected that I have a love of myths, legends, folklore and history. I am enamoured with ancients civilizations, the items they used, the beliefs they held and the wars they fought but the one person in history that I never really read about (but saw the awful Hollywood hatchet job) was Alexander the Great. I knew he had been tutored at an early age by Aristotle and that he died at the young age of thirty-two but that was the extent of any intimate knowledge I had of the man. I knew of his wars and battles and the countries he stormed through, but through Justine’s book I was given a deeper insight to not only Alexander the great but Alexander the man, his thoughts and how his actions were perceived, the repercussions and how others around him viewed as something holier and more powerful than mere man.
‘What possessed him to turn his head he would never know, but as he did he beheld many of his soldiers standing toward him, their backs straightened, their eyes shining with tears. Their awe upon seeing him filled him with awe for them. Wonderful, was this army, and this world in which they ruled.’
This is a wonderful book. It is a beautiful combination of historical accuracy and a deeper sense of romanticism. I think if you’re like me and have a brief understanding of Alexander’s history then this book is ideal to capture the at atmosphere, language and society of that era. Justine is not only a terrific writer but she clearly knows the intricacies and dynamics of this time in history.
Justine is the author of Visions of a Dream, published by Turtle Shell Publishing, a novel about Alexander the Great from a spiritual perspective with historical backbone.
Her website is here (on which is a description of the book by CBS radio’s Al Cole’s People of Distinction):
The book trailer by Max Graphics is on youtube:

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